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PhotoImpact Tutorial for

Inside/Outside Frame

(Based on Joy's Inside-Outside Tutorial)

tut12.jpg (21729 bytes)


I probably did this the hard way, but it got the results I wanted. This is my first attempt at a tutorial so I hope it is helpful to everyone who tries it. I used a photo that I took in our flower garden last summer of one of our many daylilies. You can use any photo or picture that you like and get some very interesting results.

Open the graphic you want to frame and make a selection a bit smaller so that the picture will overlap the frame in places. Copy the selection and paste as a new image. Merge.

tut1.jpg (9574 bytes)

tut4.jpg (9881 bytes)

Using the frame designer, choose a frame. I used one with a round center. If you are proficient with PI, you could make a frame of your choice using the path drawing tool.

Copy the original graphic and paste into the framed picture. Right click on the new layer, choose properties and set the transparency to 50%.

tut2.jpg (14137 bytes)

tut3.jpg (8630 bytes)

Position the top layer over the bottom layer until the images line up properly.

Click the mask mode button at the bottom left of the screen. Your image should have a red tint now.

tut5.jpg (2843 bytes)

tut6.jpg (8519 bytes)

tut7.jpg (5014 bytes)


Choose the Paint Tool and use these settings.

tut8.jpg (3206 bytes)

Using the Paint Tool, paint out all areas of the top layer that you do not want to show on the frame.

tut9.jpg (8332 bytes)

tut10.jpg (5890 bytes)

Once you have most of it done, you will probably want to reduce the brush size and paint carefully around the edges of the parts of the graphic you want to overlap the frame. Zooming in also helps when painting around the edges.
Be sure to paint in all areas of frame that you don't want covered by your graphic. Areas that will show inside the frame do not have to be painted but it doesn't matter if you do. The bottom layer will show regardless.

Turn off the mask mode. Right click on the top layer and reset transparency level to 0%. Right click and merge.

tut11.jpg (7991 bytes)

tut12.jpg (21729 bytes)

Make any changes you like such as dimension changes, etc. and save your finished work.

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